[VIDEO] Ultrasound on the Field Gives Elite Athletes an Edge

It’s no surprise that Dr. Yahira Castillo-Mendoza, MD is actively engaged in supporting elite athletes since graduating from medical school. A former CrossFit champion who has twice held the title of Fittest Woman in the Dominican Republic, she knows firsthand what it takes to stay in top physical condition and avoid injuries.

Dr. Castillo has been actively participating as a medical team member in high-profile sports and rehabilitation events in the European Union and the Middle East. She is enthusiastic about using ultrasound for sports medicine on and off the field.

Recently, she has been working with Dr. Kenneth Vincent and using the Clarius L15 HD ultrasound to assess elite athletes before and after their training to establish a baseline for each individual’s anatomy, and to understand how much an athlete should train for optimal performance.

Read “How Elite Speed Skating Athletes Are Using Wireless Ultrasound in Training for the Winter Games” to learn more about Clarius for elite athletes.

Recommendations for Using Clarius Ultrasound for Sports Training

1. Pre training scans to asses muscle integrity and quality before a workout
2. Post training scans to see the changes in anatomy
3. Evaluating outcomes of rehabilitation treatments
4. Assessing injuries in the field

We recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Castillo about her experience with Clarius. Watch her video, recorded in Spanish and subtitled in English to learn what she had to say.

Clarius in Action With Olympian Athelete

During the session, Dr. Vincent recorded educational videos using the Clarius L15 for Clarius Classroom. It’s important for sports medicine specialists to know what’s happening in the joints of their athletes at baseline and after training or competition. Watch how Dr. Kenneth Vincent uses ultrasound to image the knee of a high-performance European speed skater and to obtain a baseline study of the anterior knee.

Handheld Ultrasound for MSK Clinicians 

Ideal for MSK anatomy down to 7 cm, the Clarius L15 HD high-frequency ultrasound scanner is available with an optional Advanced MSK Package for diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Clarius offers four ultrasound scanners that are suitable for MSK applications. Learn more about which Clarius Handheld Ultrasound scanner is right for your practice. Or contact us today to request an ultrasound demo.

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