[VIDEO] Ultrasound Takes Away the Stress of Facial Aesthetic Injections Says Patient

People seeing Michal Paz are surprised to hear she’s 50 years old. She credits Dr. Ines Verner, an aesthetic dermatologist based in Tel-Aviv, for taking good care of her face over the past five years. Michal receives Botox treatments every six months and hyaluronic acid injections every 10 months.

I trust Dr. Verner and I’m very happy that she’s using ultrasound when she’s treating my face,” says Michal. “It makes me feel relaxed because I know I don’t have to be concerned about something going wrong and I’m sure it’s going to be perfect results.”

Watch our one-minute video interview with Michal to see what she had to say about her experience with Dr. Verner.

Watch Dr. Verner in Action

Dr. Verner has been using the Clarius L20 HD in her clinic for about a year. A renowned speaker and key opinion leader, Dr. Verner is an advocate for the use of ultrasound for aesthetic procedures.

We’ve learned quite a lot in recent years about the anatomy of the face, of the neck, also of the body and we’re doing more and more aesthetic treatments. We’ve been doing them blindly,” says Dr. Verner. “Now with ultrasound, we can inject knowing where we’re going and also not to inject where we don’t want to inject. Clarius is a good fit for aesthetics, because it’s easy to use and the image quality is good. We can really see what we need to see. It’s a game-changer for the industry.”

Watch this 3-minute treatment with Michal to see Dr. Verner’s technique for scanning and mapping the nasolabial fold to ensure a safe filler injection.

Improve Patient Safety with Affordable High-Definition Ultrasound Specialized for Facial Aesthetics

The Clarius L20 HD3 is the leading choice for aesthetics practitioners to clearly visualize facial and superficial anatomy in real-time to safely guide procedures, including cosmetic fillers. It’s the world’s first high-frequency handheld ultrasound with exceptional superficial imaging.

Learn more about Clarius for aesthetics and request an ultrasound demo to see how high-definition imaging can help you improve safety and deliver consistent patient outcomes in your practice!

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