The Wait is Over for Clarius HD3 in the EU and UK

We’re delighted to announce that the 30% smaller and lighter Clarius HD3 line of high-performance wireless ultrasound scanners has received CE Mark certification and is now available for sale in the European Union and United Kingdom. Miniaturized to the size of an iPhone, the third-generation ultrasound scanners are available with revolutionary pricing and new features that make high-definition ultrasound affordable for more doctors across specialties in Europe.  

Clinicians in Europe and the UK have been early adopters of Clarius wireless ultrasound, and we know excitement has been building for our new miniaturized Clarius HD3 because we’ve had a long list of customers eagerly waiting for CE certification,” says Clarius Founder Laurent Pelissier. “Our mission has always been to improve patient care by enabling more clinicians to use ultrasound. Now that Clarius is reduced to the size of an iPhone, easier to use, and costs less, we’re expecting more clinicians will use ultrasound to deliver the best patient care.” 

Clarius has introduced a new Clarius Membership bundle that makes the entry price lower and enables new users to fast-track ultrasound proficiency. Clarius HD3 wireless scanners now start at 2875 EUR with a 575 annual membership in Europe or 2440 GBP with 490 membership annual membership in the United Kingdom. Members gain access to all advanced SaaS, enhanced education options, and unlimited exam management in the Clarius Cloud. A three-year standard warranty is included with enhanced warranty options available through Clarius Care.  

In emergency environments, the Clarius C3 HD3 multipurpose scanner saves lives. Dr. Wolfgang Fleischmann, an anesthesiologist and emergency medicine physician, describes why the Red Cross chose Clarius when it sought to equip its emergency services vehicles with hospital-grade portable ultrasound. 

We had the opportunity to extensively test the Clarius scanner in our prehospital emergency environment. The product impressed us with its image quality, its reliability, its short start-up time, and good price-to-performance ratio. It prompted us to equip all our emergency doctors’ cars and ambulances with the Clarius ultrasound device.” 

Clarius sets itself apart from other handheld ultrasound systems with exceptional imaging quality that rivals expensive cart-based systems, wireless connectivity, and specialty scanners with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) designed to optimize clarity and workflows for different anatomy and applications. Clarius has replaced the complex knobs and buttons found on traditional ultrasound systems with an app that uses artificial intelligence and intuitive touch-based controls. Clinicians can choose from seven ultrasound scanners, each designed to meet the specific requirements of a broad range of medical specialties.  

With best-in-class MSK imaging, the Clarius L15 HD3 high-frequency linear scanner is a top choice amongst orthopaedic surgeons. Dr. Rudolf Berlakovits, MD, PhD, an orthopaedic surgeon in Vienna, Austria, describes the advantages of the new Clarius HD3 for safe, procedural guidance.  

To me as an orthopedic surgeon, the Clarius HD3 is a highly recommended device for interventional orthopedics and ultrasound guided orthopedic surgery. There is no cable, making it easy to keep aseptic, and the probe provides perfect handling. Another really great benefit is the possibility to share the findings with colleagues all over the world in real-time with Clarius Cloud exam management.” 

Clarius offers software packages designed for many specialty applications including Advanced Breast, Musculoskeletal, Obstetrics, Primary/Critical Care, Vascular, Veterinary Packages, and Aesthetics. They deliver dedicated presets, advanced workflows, comprehensive measurements, and fined tuned imaging, leveraging artificial intelligence and SaaS to deliver a complete handheld ultrasound solution that’s connected to the cloud. 

Dr. Ines Verner, an Aesthetic Dermatologist based in Tel-Aviv, uses the Clarius L20 wireless ultrasound scanner to prevent complications such as vascular occlusions during aesthetic procedures like cosmetic fillers. She was among the first to try the Clarius L20 HD3 for facial aesthetics.   

It’s a breakthrough in the field. Clarius is a good fit for aesthetics because it lets me clearly see fine facial anatomy, it’s easy to use, the image quality is good, it’s wireless, and it’s small so I can take it with me from room to room,” Dr. Verner says. “Ultrasound is a gamechanger for the aesthetics industry because we can really see what we need to see instead of injecting blindly, which is what most of us used to do. Now, we can inject knowing where we’re going and not to inject where we don’t want to inject.” 

The new Clarius HD3 scanners were cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2021, by Health Canada in April 2022 and are available for purchase in a growing number of regions worldwide

Clinicians are invited to attend the Clarius Innovation Spotlight EU 2022 event to see demonstrations of game-changing innovations from leading ultrasound innovators and to hear first impressions from several physicians. 

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