What is most important to you when purchasing a handheld ultrasound system?

We’ve been asking visitors to our website this question over the past few weeks. Almost 1000 visitors took the time to complete the survey. Given that image quality is a top priority at Clarius, we are delighted to see the results! As you see in the chart below, image quality won by 22% over price and 33% over Ease of Use.

Image Quality is a Top Priority at Clarius

When people see Clarius for the first time, they often ask us why it isn’t the size of a traditional probe. There are three main reasons:

  • Our team wanted to make sure Clarius delivers premium image quality, so we had to pack a lot of powerful electronics in a small package. To ensure our quality meets high standards, we benchmark against a premium point-of-care laptop system.
  • Clarius had to be wireless and work with an App on iOS and Android smart device, preferably with devices that have the best screen quality available. Therefore, you don’t have to fuss with cords or worry about contamination  or broken connectors.
  • Clarius had to support a rechargeable battery – you can swap the battery and keep imaging with Clarius. Plus, it doesn’t drain the battery from your phone or tablet.

What our users are saying about our handheld ultrasound system

Our first customers have been using Clarius for over a year now and are offering their own reviews about what they think about Clarius.  You can read more on our User Comments Page.

Clarius has amazing image quality for such a small device. It’s better than a traditional ultrasound machine because I carry it everywhere in my pocket and it’s so easy to use the Clarius App on my phone.”

Dr. Gert-Jan Mauritz
Emergency Medicine

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