How Portable Ultrasound Benefitted a Doctor on a Medical Mission

Dr. Myriam Hughes had used ultrasound on many past medical missions, with varying levels of success.

“I was always relying on old, half broken ultrasound equipment that didn’t really help in the diagnostic process,” said Hughes.

She was first introduced to Clarius in August of 2017 and was impressed by the portability of the scanner. She knew it was the ideal tool to take with her on an upcoming medical mission in Niger, Africa. Having completed medical missions at the same facility in the past, Dr. Hughes was aware there were few working ultrasound machines available there.

Clarius Handheld Ultrasound Scanners are wireless and work with a mobile app. Unlike traditional ultrasound systems, Clarius Scanners are designed to be easy to carry around for quick exams and to guide procedures.

“When I found out about the portable Clarius device, that could use my iPad Pro as a screen, I decided to give it a try,” said Dr. Hughes. “A few other doctors and I relied on it throughout our time in Niger. We were using it constantly during rounds and outpatient clinic activities.”

And because Clarius works with a rechargeable battery, Dr. Hughes didn’t need to worry about finding electricity in every treatment area. “I like the fact that it doesn’t need to be plugged into electrical power all the time, as that is an issue in those settings. Power outages and spikes are very common causing damage to the equipment that is connected.”

Dr Hughes was also impressed with the variety of ways she was able to use Clarius.

“The Clarius C3 ultrasound was a great tool for our needs. It has the ability to quickly switch from abdominal to cardio, obstetric and lung, even for difficult to scan patients. I even tried it on a knee even though I didn’t have the clip-on for linear and it worked perfectly. It saves a lot of time during rounds, especially when there is not a radiologist at hand, having it ready to scan at the bedside or in the emergency area.”

Because of her background in ultrasound, Dr. Hughes understands and appreciates strong image quality.

“There is no comparison between the sharpness and clearness of the image from the C3 to the other machines– even some portable ones we had available, making this the preferable device during my time overseas.”

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