What 5 Medical Practitioners Have to Say about Clarius Image Quality

At Clarius, we understand that the best clinicians rely on great ultrasound images to treat patients with confidence. That’s why one of our core principles is to deliver handheld ultrasound imaging of the highest quality. It’s also why our wireless ultrasound systems are built with the same exceptional quality technology used in all high-end cart-based systems, with 8 beamformers.

But you don’t have to take our word for how ultrasound image quality is important. We asked five medical experts to talk about their experiences with Clarius image quality.

Dr. Rosenblum confirms Clarius image quality is comparable to cart-based systems.

Dr. David Rosenblum is the Director of Pain Management at Maimonides Medical Center in New York. A prolific educator, he hosts the Pain Exam Podcast and created a Pain Exam Board Review, which has helped over 3000 pain management physicians become board certified. He has been a Clarius user since 2017 and freely talks about how the device has positively influenced his pain practice and educational activities.

Dr. Rosenblum explains the importance of image quality in using ultrasound for pain management, “It’s extremely important that I have good visualization of the structures under the skin so that I can avoid complications and maximize the chances of my procedure helping the patient.”

“Clarius provides a very clear image for such a small unit and such an affordable unit. It’s very surprising. We can see blood vessels, the lung or other structures that you do not want your needle to enter.”

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Chris Myers discusses the importance of image quality when choosing an ultrasound system for MSK.

For Chris Myers, physiotherapist and ultrasound educator, image quality is at the top of his list of factors to consider when choosing an ultrasound system for musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging.

“Image quality is the most important thing by far because we’re looking at really, really small structures,” he explains. “For anybody who wants to use ultrasound, you want to get the best image you can because it’s a hard-enough skill as it is. If you’re not great at doing it and you buy a poor image quality machine, then you’re making your job doubly hard.”

Widely known as an expert in MSK imaging and knowledgeable about a range of ultrasound devices, Chris made our very exclusive list of clinicians invited to test our new Clarius L20 HD ultra-high frequency ultrasound scanner. It’s no surprise that his first comments were focused on image quality: “It’s an amazing bit of kit.”

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Dr. Frenkel comments on why novice users need to use an ultrasound system that produces clear images.

Dr. Oron Frenkel is an emergency physician based in Vancouver and Chairman of our Medical Advisory Board. He trained to be a physician and completed his residency at the Highland Hospital in Oakland, California, where he also completed a fellowship in point-of-care ultrasound.

“Image quality correlates very tightly with confidence in clinical decision making around image interpretation. So, what I’ve seen is novice users generating images and not feeling quite confident or sure enough in them to make clinical decisions. And when physicians don’t feel confident, they don’t take the proper actions to really save a patient time and energy or sometimes even a life, or they’re not able to rule things out and end up ordering other tests. So, I think image quality lends itself to improved confidence at the point-of-care and enables the technology to really spread into wider realms and empower novice users to feel more confident in their early skills of diagnostic testing.”

“Clarius image quality is comparable to any of the carts that we use in the emergency department, with the benefit of the handheld applicability and integrating into my personal smartphone.”

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Dr. Driedger appreciates the superior image quality of his new Clarius scanner.

Dr. Brian Driedger practices with a group of six family physicians in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada where they manage about 100 deliveries a month. When he went shopping for alternatives, he discovered a used laptop ultrasound system would cost over $20,000.

He was pleased to purchase his Clarius HD at a fraction of the price. “The image quality of the Clarius on our iPad is far superior to what we had before,” says Dr. Driedger. “It is easy to enlarge images to point things out to patients. The touch screen is fantastic and very intuitive. This is a great product.”

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Dr. Shaunie Keys enjoys using Clarius for baby’s first ultrasound.

Dr. Shaunie Keys is an obstetrician and gynecologist at a group practice in Kirkland, Washington. She is one of eight physicians at the Unified Center for Women’s Health. The practice also has three full-time sonographers who are scheduled to use two fully-featured ultrasound systems to examine patients throughout the day. She has integrated Clarius handheld ultrasound into her practice to examine patients during first visits and for quick exams during follow up visits.

“One of the best things about Clarius ultrasound is the imaging, which is super crisp and clear. It’s beautiful and really amazing, especially compared to our other portable systems. It’s like night and day. Also, my patients think the technology is incredibly cool. Many of them work for local tech companies and they appreciate the innovation.”

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