Handheld Ultrasound for Primary Care

With high definition imaging and automated settings, Clarius wireless ultrasound is the ultimate stethoscope for primary care physicians to answer clinical questions fast.

Common Applications of POCUS for Primary Care

As ultrasound systems have become affordable and easier to use, general practitioners are now using point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) for faster diagnosis and more accurate treatment plans. With superior image quality, Clarius wireless scanners enable fast confirmation of a clinical diagnosis without requiring a referral. Common exams include the review of specific organs, scanning for gall stones, screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm, lung scans for pneumonia, liver scans for fibrosis, and identifying or ruling out ectopic pregnancy among other obstetric applications.

Confirm Your Diagnosis, Quickly

Used by hundreds of general practitioners daily, Clarius delivers clear ultrasound imaging on your iOS or Android smart device to help you make a confident decision about treatment plans and improve the patient experience. 

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  • Clarius C3 HD offers automated workflows to scan every major body part - no need to master knobs and buttons.
  • Ultra-portable and compatible with most Apple and Android devices, Clarius is easy to share in a group practice.
  • No subscription fees with free cloud storage, management and PDF reports for referrals.
  • Wireless and IP67 rated so disinfection is fast and simple.
  • Telemedicine is included for remote consultations and guidance.

Dr. Virginia Robinson, MD

Rural Family Physician

"Now that I have it, I use Clarius all the time, like a stethoscope. I used to have to roll the cart down the hallway. But now I carry this in my pocket and use it with my phone."

Herbert Schuster

Herbert Schuster, MD

Berlin, Germany

"Clarius is the perfect tool to carry with me on home visits. Because of its portability, I can assess a patient right away and potentially avoid any unnecessary transport to a clinic. Despite its small size, the Clarius scanner has an image quality that is comparable to my standard ultrasound device in practice."

Eduardo Pontes Reis

Eduardo Pontes Reis , MD

"First and foremost, the high-quality imaging is what I love about the Clarius scanner. Clarius Cloud makes my life so easy by seamlessly documenting all my exams, images and videos. In addition to storing my exams for easy access, Clarius Cloud allows me to share and generate reports instantaneously."

See the Difference Superior Image Quality Makes



Ideal for scanning everything from cardiac, lung, bladder, vascular access and superficial.

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